Corporations around the globe are working ceaselessly to mine every possible resource in the ground. I want to cover many bases in this thread, and show clearly, how the corporations are destroying this planet, and how they do not have the best interests of this planet or living beings who inhabit it, in mind. Life means nothing to them, it is all about greed and how much they can take.

It is projected that in as little as 12 years 1/2 the world could be out of fresh water. This does not count for pollution, and waters we render undrinkable in the meantime. You will find a common theme in the videos I have compiled, is that all of these destructive corporate practices, seem to contaminate, or deplete precious fresh water sources.

Even if you only watch a fraction of these videos, you will come to understand that the earth can no longer sustain these practices. The earth is overpopulated, and the resources will not be able to sustain us. We are at the same time facing global warming, and that is another factor that we will have to calculate into this equation, especially when it comes to water, and environmental disasters caused by increased storms. Although I do think that it is man made at least in part. I do also believe in natural cycles, but I believe that we have exacerbated it to extreme levels, that it would not be otherwise. But let us throw global warming out the window, and focus on global pollution, and the real damage that it is causing to our planet. These facts are undeniable. I posted a lot of videos here but they are necessary in order to paint a realistic picture of the truth.

Even if you don't watch all the vids, even if you only watch a few, and just scroll the list and look at it. It says a lot.

Here is a shorter playlist it is long

Here is the list of videos that are in the playlist
1) Toxic waste in the US: Coal ash (full length)
2) How mountaintop mining effects life and landscape in West Virginia
3) Coal Mining's environmental impact from the ashes
4) Impacts of mining
5) The Devastating effects of gold mining
6) Pipeline nation America's broken industry
7) Canadas tar sands: The most destructive project on earth
8) Tar sands oil extraction the dirty truth
9) Crude impact: Oil companies and the environment
10) PetCoke: Toxic waste in the windy city
11) Refinery emissions ignored by CARB, nightly air pollution
12) Gasland
13) Fracking shattered ground
14) What's killing the babies in Vernal Utah
15) Dupont makes more pollution history
16) Cancer Alley, Louisiana-victims of environmental racism now this
17) Hundreds of toxic sites await cleanup under superfund program
18) Long term effects of air pollution
19) Air pollution the new tobacco
20) Major problems at Hanford Nuclear waste site
21) Video shows radio active waste being dumped along the banks of the Columbia river in Washington state.
22) Whistleblower DR Doug Rokke on depleted uranium ammunition
23) Hazards of Depleted Uranium contamination Training DU video
24) Is the worlds fresh water supply running out
25) Saudi Arabia draining California's strategic ground water reserves
26) Pumped dry: The global crisis of vanishing ground water full video
27) How google drains America's fresh water-the real price of googles targeted ads
28) Officials say missteps, confusion let to aquifer contamination by oil and gas companies
29) Michigan lawmakers under fire over nestle water bottling plan
30) Nestle faces backlash over water sourcing from drought prone California
31) How nestle makes billions bottling free water
32) Crop irrigation is closely tied to groundwater depletion around the world
33) Cotton- Environmental disaster and lethal pesticides
34) Animal agriculture and climate change
35) A river of waste the hazardous truth about factory farms CAFO'S
36) CAFO lots are we allowed to see how our food is raised?
37) Spy drones expose Smithfield foods factory farms
38) Russian deforestation: Unsustainable logging, soil erosion, environmental destruction
39) The problem with palm oil
40) ESA shows 30 years of deforestation in amazon rainforest
41) The most terrible destruction of forests
42) Water erosion
43) Southwest Florida red tide, man made disaster
44) Sea turtles and dolphins impacted by red tide in Mantaee county
45) Erosion and soil
46) Chemtrails are real- UN speech
47) Petro Metro: A toxic tour of Houston from refineries to superfund sites in wake of Harvey
48) COK investigation: Heartbreaking aftermath of hurricane Florence
49) California wildfires may have released toxic nuclear waste
50) Why so many fish are dying in the gulf of Mexico
51) South Asia: 1300 dead,40 million impacted on climate change linked flooding
52) Ocean acidification- Changing waters on the Oregon coast
53) What happens if all the coral dies
54) NOAA Ocean acidification- The other carbon dioxide problem

For a more in depth longer playlist of videos

Here is a list of the superfund sites there are over 1300 of them