Fed-up Arizona Republican erupts at Trump fans who claim their ballots were fed to chickens - I'm being serious folks, you cannot make this stuff up. The article is most entertaining to say the least.

'A top Republican elections official in Arizona on Tuesday told CNN's John Berman that he is fed up with Trump supporters' insane conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. Stephen Richer, the Republican Maricopa County Recorder, said that he and his fellow state GOP officials are tired of being falsely accused of plotting to install President Joe Biden in the White House by assorted methods of trickery and subterfuge.

"It was one thing with the audit when they were looking at UV lights and looking for bamboo fibers in the paper," he said. "But when they just accused us too many times of breaking the law, they defamed our good employees too many times, they've defamed the hard-working people here. We're all humans, and we have our limits!"