This is another reason theres not enough time in school to teach kids the skills they need, this is social engineering instead off teaching.

Parents are just now becoming aware and as they do they are pushing back bigtime

Critical race theory (CRT) is at its heart little more than the open racism of the Nation of Islam, Black Israelites, Black Panthers, and New Black Panthers couched in all sorts of pseudo-intellectual academic jargon. In reality, Critical Race theory can be boiled down to a very simple concept that can be easily expressed in a sentence: “White Americans are inherently racist and so black Americans must be helped to overcome white oppression by giving them special privileges based on that and past historical events.”

Once you understand that sentence, you understand everything you need to know about how CRT approaches every issue. Most arguments inspired by CRT take the form of a Kafkatrap, whereas one’s denial of their own personal racism is used as further proof of one’s racism. Some examples are as follows:

* What if you’re white and genuinely believe you’re not racist? Well, you’re just too racist to see your own racism.

* What if you’re black and don’t agree with Critical Race Theory? You’ve been oppressed so long that you don’t even recognize your own oppression.

* What if you’re white and don’t agree with Critical Race Theory? What else would you expect a racist to say?

* What if you’re white and agree with Critical Race Theory? Terrific, keep pretending to care until your racism inevitably forces you to undermine Critical Race Theory.

* What about the times when white Americans have clearly done things designed to benefit black Americans? Since they’re racists who hate black Americans, they only did that because it was also in their interests.

CRT, like the Marxist-inspired critical theory that inspired it, is a closed mental loop. It’s impossible to prove it and its adherents believe any attempts to disprove it show that you’re either racist, too brainwashed by your oppressors to get it, or just don’t understand it.