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Thread: Five migrant girls found abandoned in sweltering heat

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    Five migrant girls found abandoned in sweltering heat

    This is totally utterly all democrat created. Do I blame Biden? No he doesnt remember how to tie his shoes or to use toilet paper. We are in Obamas 3rd term he calls the shots at the behest of his financial benefactor George Soros...I blame ALL DEMOCRAT politicians

    Actually this is disgusting, if the "WHITE" farmer didnt find those kids they would be dead.

    Five young migrant girls — one so young she was crawling naked through the brush — were found by a Texas farmer on his ranch near the Rio Grande River as temperatures soared past 100 degrees, according to a report on Tuesday.
    The girls, all under the age of seven, were discovered by the farmer on his land in Quemado hungry and crying, the youngest too small to walk,

    T​hree of the girls — all ranging in age from 7 years old to 11 months — are believed to be from Honduras and the other two from Guatemala.​
    The farmer, who was not identified, said he called the Border Patrol and got the children into the shade and gave them food and water.
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