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Thread: Time for a change

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoliTalker View Post
    Hello Gamewell45,

    I've had a lot going on in real life. I try to keep up with online discussions but it's hard to have a habit of checking in here when there is not much activity and sometimes no new posts have been made. We will have to step up efforts to expand the site.

    I have invited a few but so far none have followed through. I guess everybody wants to go to an already-active site, and few are inclined to be a part of building up a site that is not already very active.

    I am trying to think of people who would enjoy polite discussions, but most I am familiar with are drawn to the insult-fests, so I am reluctant to bring them in here.

    I think there is a general feeling out there that people simply assume any kind of online discussion board is going to be nasty, so they simply stay away from it all.

    Still, I am interested in trying to build a group that can have academic political discussions focused on the merit of the discussion rather than personal attacks.
    PoliTalker; I agree with you that it's tough to get people involved when they see very little action if you will. We did have one person you referred join the site but has yet to post. In the mean time I'm happy to have a small group where we can at least have civil discourse while working to grow our ranks.

    To any of our members here reading this, allow me to remind you that we are looking for new members who can abide by the rules. The greater our members, the greater volume of good, academic political discourse we all can enjoy!
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