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Thread: A hypothetical comparison

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    A hypothetical comparison

    Disclaimer: This is not directed at anyone nor is it intended to be insulting. Its facts and Id like to ask why or why not this isnt a fair comparison.

    The media has beaten the russians are interfering with our election since trump started his campaign. Now its the chinese interfering with our elections. Liberals especially the liberal press are off the charts frantic and upset and angry over it....

    As a comparison

    Russians are not american citizens, they are citizens of another country, same with the chinese.

    Isnt it also true that Canadians and Mexicans are not american citizens and citizens of other countries.

    Then why isnt the left upset that both canadians and mexicans interfere with american elections and try to influence the vote via social media and the internet.

    Mexicans take it further they run over our border and many vote or try to vote illegally and there have been illegal immigrant voter registration rings busted recruiting and PAYING illegals to register to vote.

    To me theres alot of Hypocritical selective outrage as long as its a democrat everything is just perfect...

    Like I stated its not to insult anyone but facts are facts.

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    If you only engaged your thought mechanism and researched the amount of times that the USA had interfeared in the internal affairs of other countries, let alone having toppled leaders they considered to be a threat to American interests, you wouldn't be asking the question, because you would already have the answer.

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