House leader, Nancy Pelosi Accuses Senate Republicans of 'Political Retribution' by Refusing to Consider HEROES Act. If this is true, and I have no doubt that it is true, then Mitch McConnell and President Trump ought to be ashamed of themselves. Playing politics with the first responders our out country is inexcusable. Time for both houses and the president to put aside political differences and do the right thing for our first responders.

"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said Senate Republicans are simply trying to ensure President Donald Trump can "keep his job" by refusing to hold a vote on the $3 trillion relief bill passed last week by House Democrats.

The wide-ranging HEROES Act passed last Friday includes another round of stimulus payments as a successor to the cash injection measures from the CARES Act. It would also increase unemployment aid and boost food stamps and small business emergency grants to help the economy hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bill as written has been dubbed "dead on arrival" at the GOP-dominated Senate amid Republican criticism about its impact on the national debt and its non-coronavirus proposals, including "expedited green cards" for migrant health workers and opening up banking services to cannabis businesses