View Full Version : True love & True beauty

Just AnotherPerson
06-15-2019, 02:33 AM
I was told that true love dies, and beauty fades. When I told the person that it was not true, they said my response was cliché. But perhaps that person hadn't ever recognized true beauty in another person, or experienced true love.

If you truly experience true love for another person it is almost impossible for you to ever fall out of love. If it is a spouse that love will only deepen as the years pass you by.

There are many kinds of true love, not just romantic love between partners, or husband and wife, and so on. If any one has ever had a child that is also true love. No matter what that child ever does, you will always love them. You cannot fall out of love with your child, because that love is true love.

True beauty is more than skin deep. I have seen beautiful people who were ugly in their speech and actions. It overwhelmed their physical beauty and destroyed it. It made them appear ugly. I have seen people who most would not consider to be physically beautiful, but that person may have the most kind and beautiful heart or gentleness to their soul. That person is a true beauty, if you are not just looking in a superficial way. You can often see that beauty shine from the eyes of a kind person. That kind of beauty never dies, unless something really traumatic happens to that person.

There most certainly is true love, and that love cannot die if it is true love. There is true beauty and that true beauty does not fade away but only shines more as the years go by. Love is infinite and forever, beauty is soft, and gentle, and kind.

At least that is the way I see it. These things cannot fade unless something really traumatic happens.