View Full Version : Forest friends, Deer, Racoon, & a Cat....oh my......

Just AnotherPerson
05-22-2019, 03:21 PM
So yesterday I was out in the woods and this deer appeared he froze when he seen me. I told him it was ok, and he went back to his business. He walked away grazing along, but then he came back over to me, and was just staring at me for a while. I thought well this is one friendly deer. I am going to get my camera. Sure enough he let me come right up to him so I got a couple short vids. I put together a few different vids that I have taken over the last week. The vids are not quality the camera shakes around quite a bit. But I didn't make them for anyone but me. I thought I would share.

All of the videos are combined in this one 3 min vid.
Vid 1 is after I cleared some blackberry bushes out of an area, a deer just came and laid down in the dirt there.
Vid 2 & 3 Were the ones I took of the friendly deer yesterday
Vid 4 is of my stray cat, and a racoon they are BFF's LoL