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  1. 5 things Trump did this week while you weren't looking
  2. EU says it is ready to wage trade war with US
  3. Mueller probe poses dozens of questions for president
  4. US President Donald Trump Claims Immunity, Asks Court To Toss Foreign Payments Suit
  5. How to lose your job 101
  6. Here are some possible AG candidates after Schneiderman’s resignation
  7. Trump growing irritated at Rudy Giuliani’s media blitz, comments on Stormy Daniels:
  8. Obama decries move to pull out of Iran nuke deal as ‘misguided’
  9. Don Blankenship concedes West Virginia Senate race
  10. Trump Is Right
  11. White House requests cuts to children's health insurance funding
  12. Bolton says 'it's possible' US will sanction European companies working with Iran
  13. Body of missing sailor discovered in Olympic National Forest
  14. Rex Tillerson Blasts Trump In Veiled Attack, Warns Of Imminent End To US Democracy
  15. Senate republicans say russia interfered to help trump and hurt clinton
  16. Woman wins Georgia gubernatorial primary for first time in state's history
  17. Trump’s Curious Coalition
  18. AP FACT CHECK: Trump says economy best ‘EVER.’ It’s not.
  19. At Trump-Kim summit, don’t expect NKorea to foot the bill
  20. Trump pulls out of joint G-7 statement, attacks Trudeau
  21. MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Dismisses North Korea Summit: Trump and Kim Both ‘Establishe
  22. Supreme Court punts on partisan gerrymandering cases
  23. Trump's outside advisers see little upside in joining White House as staff
  24. U.S. to pull out of U.N. human rights body
  25. Rhode Island bill would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases his tax returns
  26. Remembering when a baker turned away Joe Biden and received praise from conservatives
  27. How Trump spreads misinformation
  28. President Trump blasts NATO allies , says contribution on defense not acceptable
  29. Welfare for farmers
  30. tRump administration to blame for losing several hundred parents.
  31. I would be willing to 'shut down' government if Democrats do not give us the vote
  32. "Politicking" With Larry King: Trump Shutdown and Should GOP Worry?
  33. Fake News!
  34. Off the deep end...
  35. Infowars banned from major social media
  36. Gallup Poll show's Trumps numbers as being dismal
  37. Coal
  38. White House Lies about Black Unemployment
  39. I'm with these guys.
  40. Tariffs & the Economy
  41. Socialism
  42. A real witch hunt
  43. De Blasio slams mailer attacking Cynthia Nixon on Jewish issues
  44. The Notwithstanding Clause
  45. Trump's adoption of steel tariffs showed absence of a reasonable logical process
  46. Official Washington scrambles over Kavanaugh allegations
  47. Barack Obama’s return: good or bad for Democrats?
  48. The Latest: GOP senator wants Kavanaugh, accuser to testify
  49. Today’s Vote
  50. Democrat Sinema widens lead over McSally in Ariz. Senate
  51. Judge rules in favor of Florida Gov. Rick Scott over voting information
  52. Group That Sponsored Anti-Ocasio-Cortez Billboard Tied to Koch and Other Billionaires
  53. Bernie Sanders is poised to open up a painful intraparty debate about Israel
  54. Rep. Ro Khanna grills Cohen on Trump Organization criminal activity
  55. More Than 37,000 Visa Applications Denied In 2018 Due To Trump’s Travel Ban
  56. Tulsi Gabbard on the view, and a review by Jimmy Dore
  57. Trump-Kim Summit Updates: ‘Sometimes You Have to Walk,’ Trump Says as Talks Collapse
  58. Trump ordered Kelly to approve Kushner's top-secret clearance: report
  59. Republicans to scrap primaries and caucuses as Trump challengers cry foul
  60. Diplomats pushed Ukraine to investigate, dangled Trump visit