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  1. Who is really behind the reconciliation of the two Koreas?
  2. Hallelujah!
  3. So, how long will it be before we have universal socialism?
  4. What would happen if owning a vehicle was a right?
  5. What is Your History of Views?
  6. Racial slur sparks booze-fueled brawl among Bronx firefighters at medal ceremony
  7. Human habits that irritate you in real life
  8. tPF
  9. I got a "B" in Calculus 1 !!
  10. Why Evangelicals easily reject environmentalism
  11. Problems with forum topics.
  12. Why are so many people so angry, paranoid and distrustful?
  13. Phone Peeves
  14. "Festivus"
  15. Trumpery - an old word that deserves a new life
  16. Snur!
  17. Corny Jokes; feel free to add to the thread
  18. Is this being mean?
  19. David Crosby says his new album, 'Here If You Listen,' is a collaboration
  20. Happy Thanksgiving
  21. Rant about the media selling us out
  22. Vacation destroys the diet
  23. Catgirls
  24. Hello i’m New
  25. Looking for the good in a volatile world
  26. Something in the air?
  27. Plumber Takes On Debt So He Can Offer Free Repairs For Hundreds Of Struggling Seniors
  28. What Are You Listening To?
  29. The Spirit of Christmas
  30. A Special Message to Trump Party Members
  31. The Wallace Biden Connection
  32. Happy Thanksgiving
  33. Time for a change
  34. @Gamewell45
  35. Happy Easter to all