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  7. Almost half of US families can't afford basics like rent and food
  8. La Salle Academy president bullied teachers seeking to join union, educators claim
  9. Goldman sachs chief economist warns u.s. Fiscal outlook is ‘not good’
  10. 'serve the students': Education secretary betsy devos slams striking ok. Teachers
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  13. 40% of Americans Have Negative Net Income
  14. CenturyLink Announces Layoffs Despite Massive Tax Windfall
  15. Police, fire recruits quizzed about sex lives in application
  16. Handouts for the rich? ‘Hypocrite’ Trump called out for socialism double standard
  17. Health-care stocks plunge as uncertainty rises on Obamacare
  18. World Bank President David Malpass says there is too much debt in the world
  19. "SHENANIGANS!!!" Democrats Take Turns DESTROYING Trump Budget
  20. Corporations paid 91 billion less in taxes individuals paid 100 billion more
  21. Corporate Piracy in America