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  1. Hemel Hempstead autopilot Tesla seat switch driver banned
  2. Air Canada boots mom, son over seat choice
  3. Body found inside wall of washroom at Calgary shopping mall
  4. Roy Moore files lawsuit against 3 women, alleging 'political conspiracy'
  5. Destruction Of Taxi Industry By Uber, Lyft, Affects Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen
  6. France taken to court after seizing France.com web domain
  7. Remember the doctor that said Trump was the healthiest individual....
  8. SMOTHERED IN POO Indian wife suffocates under a pile of cow dung as snake bite cure
  9. 2 black men arrested for loitering at Starbucks settle for $1 each, and a promise
  10. Legendary Guitar Maker Gibson Files For Bankruptcy
  11. Giuliani Says Trump Repaid Lawyer For $130,000 Payment To Stormy Daniels
  12. hidden in this story....
  13. Cockroach Crawled Into Woman’s Ear While She Slept, Got Stuck for 9 Days
  14. California Is Now World's 5th Largest Economy, Surpasses UK
  15. 'Extreme cutout' jeans feature little fabric, high price
  16. Mom on college tour called cops on two Native American teens who made her nervous
  17. The Wave of Teacher Strikes
  18. Video shows off-duty officer pulling a gun on man mistakenly suspected of stealing
  19. U.S. abortion clinics plagued by spike in trespassing and death threats, group says
  20. Fajita heist: Texas man sentenced to 50 years for stealing $1.2 million worth of food
  21. Trump to pull out of Iran nuclear deal in major blow for US allies
  22. Firefighter accused of setting numerous fires
  23. LDS Church announces end to relationship with Boy Scouts of America
  24. Robot Paints Two-Story Mural In Downtown San Jose
  25. NYPD officers to give business card for body cam footage at stop and frisks
  26. Wells Fargo owes $97 million to California workers
  27. DeVos 'Corruption Racket' Continues as Education Dept Shuts Down Probes Into Predator
  28. 61 percent of Republicans think the FBI is framing trump, poll finds
  29. Kansas police are no longer allowed to have sex with people in custody
  30. Trump orders Commerce Department to help Chinese company get ‘back in business’
  31. Margot Kidder Dead At 69.
  32. Women donating to u.s. Political candidates surges 182 percent, majority democrats
  33. Make mexican drug cartels pay for trump's border wall, gop senator bill cassidy says
  34. North Korea calls off talks with south, says trump summit in question
  35. Yanny or Laurel? Science explains why you're hearing one and not the other
  36. Stranded NYC 'poop train' has small-town Alabamians stinking mad
  37. Gunman opens fire in Texas high school, killing up to 10
  38. Elon Musk promises $1 rides in LA transit tunnels
  39. Alleged shooter at Texas high school spared people he liked, court document says
  40. Robert reich: Why won't trump take on big pharma? | opinion
  41. Texas lt. Gov. Thinks ... 'culture of violence' that leads to school shootings
  42. Texas gop candidate's trust fund paid his children to marry someone white
  43. No, the Santa Fe Shooting Won’t Lead to Stronger Gun Control
  44. Am I Alone?
  45. Trump: NFL did "right thing" with anthem policy
  46. Teacher corrects error-strewn trump letter and sends it back to wh
  47. Did witnesses fail USC women in care of 'predator' gynecologist?
  48. ABC cancels 'Roseanne' hours after Roseanne Barr's racist tweet targeting Obama advis
  49. Alberto remnants leave flooding, downed trees in wake
  50. The Latest: The Laff channel yanks all ‘Roseanne’ reruns
  51. California mother allegedly runs over baby daughter after arguing with boyfriend
  52. One More To Go: Illinois Ratifies Equal Rights Amendment
  53. Open pedophile runs for Congress
  54. George H.W. Bush released from Maine hospital
  55. Bill Clinton bristles at questions on Lewinsky, #MeToo
  56. Cell Phone Spy Devices Discovered Near WH, Around DC
  57. Isolated Kim takes big gamble leaving home for Trump summit
  58. Supreme Court upholds Ohio voter registration purge policy
  59. Watchdog: Comey's Clinton Probe Decision Was Not Politically Motivated
  60. Mass Shooting At New Jersey Arts Festival
  61. Space Force
  62. Immigrant kids seen held in fenced cages at border facility
  63. Woman rescued from Poughkeepsie building collapse
  64. GE Kicked Out of Dow, the Last 19th Century Member Removed
  65. Scientists discover fossil of ancient sea creature, name it after President Obama
  66. Melania's Jacket
  67. Ending Family Separation Is Not Enough
  68. David Lynch tells Trump he is "causing suffering and division"
  69. Delta Air Lines Bans Pitbulls As Emotional Support Animal Crackdown Continues
  70. Harley-Davidson will be ‘taxed like never before’ if production moved overseas, Trump
  71. GM warns tariff could force job cuts, raise cost of cars
  72. Is Cohen getting ready to flip on Trump? It certainly looks that way
  73. Rep. Jim Jordan accused of ignoring allegations of sexual abuse while a coach at Ohio
  74. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte Tells Off Trump Right To His Face
  75. Bipartisan Senate Panel Gives Middle Finger to Devin Nunes
  76. #Walk Away
  77. Trump will be his own worst enemy in brussels | opinion
  78. Trump's delusional Iran oil gambit is decades too late
  79. Farmers Stay Silent During Auction So Young Man Can Win the Bid on Lost Family Farm
  80. "A well oiled machine"
  81. Trump's inexplicable statements after Helsinki meeting with Putin
  82. N.Y. Daily News hit with layoffs reducing editorial staff by half
  83. Too funny
  84. WH Briefing
  85. FU Trump
  86. Trump loves watching replays of his own rallies, cooing over his performances
  87. Smith College employee who called police said black student looked "out of place"
  88. Paybacks are hell!
  89. Too biased for Fox?
  90. Tesla CEO Drops Latest Bombshell With $72B Buyout Proposal
  91. Exoskeletons debut at Ford factories
  92. Ohio election
  93. NY Congressman Arrested
  94. Our newest BBF
  95. I saw Donald Trump being racist many times, ex-aide claims
  96. Nebraska executes first inmate using fentanyl
  97. LA to become first in US to install subway body scanners
  98. Man pleads not guilty to kidnapping in son’s torture case
  99. Queens man dies trying to jump to his apartment balcony from next-door roof
  100. A smile & a tear - R.I.P.
  101. Commander of bin Laden raid to Trump: Revoke my clearance, too
  102. Unruly airline passenger screams cops ‘treating me like a black person’ during arrest
  103. More misleading lies from Trump
  104. Trump's "Perjury Trap"
  105. Trump renews attacks on NFL, calls for ESPN to air national anthem
  106. Sen. John McCain, independent voice of the GOP, dies at 81
  107. Maine governor hospitalized after experiencing ‘discomfort’
  108. Average US price of gas drops 2 cents per gallon to $2.91
  109. 'Dine and Dash Dater' Arraigned on Felony Charges
  110. ER' actress Vanessa Marquez killed in California police shooting
  111. POLITICS NEWS 'We're in Crazytown': Bob Woodward's new book paints a picture of unhi
  112. Trump Threatens Canada ‘Ruination’ on Autos Amid Nafta Talks
  113. Romance novelist who wrote How To Murder Your Husband charged with murdering hubby
  114. Jabbrrbox: An airport lounge all to yourself
  115. Gender 'X': New York City to add third gender option to birth certificates
  116. Bronx teacher who performed oral sex on 14-year-old gets 10 years probation, avoids j
  117. Gov. Cuomo defeats Nixon easily in bitter Democratic primary battle
  118. House's new pet project is banning consumption of cats and dogs
  119. More than 200 schoolmates rally around Kavanaugh’s accuser
  120. Trump plans visit to hurricane-ravaged Carolinas
  121. Trump delays plans to test national emergency alert system
  122. Trump escalates trade war, sets new tariffs on $200B of Chinese goods
  123. Celia Barquín: European golf champion murdered in Iowa
  124. Island of fire ants floats through flood waters after Florence
  125. Second woman alleges sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh, this time in college
  126. Expert says massacre of Ohio family may have been a ‘professional hit’
  127. Baby found crawling across New Jersey road prompts investigation
  128. ‘Sons of Anarchy’ actor Paul John Vasquez dead at 48
  129. Married dad accused in murder of pregnant mistress who refused abortion
  130. White supremacist accused of murder wanted to purge black people from Earth
  131. Kavanaugh should be nominated for an Emmy Award
  132. 'they’re not wasps. They’re mosquitoes’:
  133. Inventor of world wide web to start new internet to take on google & fb
  134. Mango Airlines flights delayed by 20,000 bees
  135. Thousands in Central Park panic after barrier collapse
  136. Text messages suggest Kavanaugh wanted to refute accuser's claim before it became pub
  137. The American Bar Association had concerns about Kavanaugh 12 years ago. Republicans d
  138. Christian lawmaker giddy about abortion being outlawed advises women to get their ‘co
  139. Washington state ends ‘racially biased’ death penalty
  140. GOP, home to Trump and tea party, decries Dems’ ‘mob rule’
  141. Turkish president: Saudis must name masterminds of killing
  142. Migrants pause to honor dead man, rest, still far from US
  143. ‘Boogeyman’ Trump stokes fears in election closing arguments
  144. Megyn Kelly apologizes for blackface comments on 'Today': I realize now I was wrong
  145. What is NATO's Trident Juncture 2018 operation?
  146. Twitter wipes out 9 million accounts in crackdown on spam, 'bots'
  147. Robots to make robots at innovative $150M (CHF150 million) ABB factory in China
  148. Prescription drugs litter highway after truck crash
  149. Alec Baldwin arrested after alleged parking spot fight
  150. France impounds Ryanair plane on tarmac for unpaid bills
  151. Appeals court seeks Mueller's opinion on impact of Sessions firing
  152. Four die in Iowa plane crash after pilot aparently had heart attack
  153. GM to slash jobs and close eight plants
  154. Texas death row inmate seeks reprieve over source of execution supplies
  155. Volvo throttles hiring at South Carolina plant due to China trade war tariffs
  156. Federal judge in N.Y. rules against Trump's sanctuary cities threat
  157. George H. W, Bush dies at the age of 94
  158. In Capitol, Bush remembered as ‘great man’ and ‘gentle soul’
  159. Mueller recommends no prison for Flynn, citing cooperation
  160. Stock markets pare their losses after a wild day of trading
  161. Smocking Gun
  162. U.S. Marine Corps to gender intergrate training platoons at Parris Island
  163. Marriott data breach exposes 5 million passport numbers
  164. Narrow majority backs Trump on Syria, Afghanistan troop reductions
  165. The 2019 Trump SOTU
  166. Fox's Tucker Carlson loses It during an Interview Taping Gone Wrong
  167. 131 car pileup in Wisconsin 71 injurd one dead
  168. Assange and consequences
  169. Oof! Avenatti fooled me....
  170. Paris' historic Notre-Dame Cathedral hit by fire
  171. Anti-Trump protest in Minesota
  172. Nearly 13,700 trans service members are expected to lose their careers today
  173. Man arrested after racist rant in AT&T store
  174. Man in custody after walking into St. Patrick’s Cathedral with gas cans, lighters
  175. 4 Severely Ill Migrant Toddlers Hospitalized After Lawyers Visit Border Facility
  176. 'Brief radiation spike' after rocket engine blast in northern Russia
  177. Jeffrey Epstein, accused sex trafficker, is dead by apparent suicide, found in his Ma
  178. Trump Labor Agency Says Religious Contractors Free From Bias Law (1)
  179. Recession ahead? Dow, stocks tank on fears that bond market signals a downturn
  180. Al-Baghdadi - success or partial success?
  181. Another Year, Another Coup: Evo Morales Resigns
  182. Roger Stone Found Guilty On All 7 Counts
  183. Trump Chest Pain Reports After Walter Reed Hospital Visit
  184. Video sparks fears Hong Kong protesters being loaded on train to China
  185. Plaintiffs’ attorneys take aim at Boy Scouts’ `dark history’
  186. Label: Rapper Pop Smoke slain in Hollywood Hills shooting
  187. Pentagon policy chief John Rood resigns
  188. Neil Young Declares Trump a ‘Disgrace to My Country’: ‘We Are Going to Vote You Out’
  189. U.S. judge sides with migrants in Arizona case against Border Patrol
  190. Married Kentucky police officers cut date night short at fried chicken restaurant to
  191. More than half of American jobs are at risk because of coronavirus
  192. Before Trump’s inauguration, a warning: ‘The worst influenza pandemic since 1918'
  193. Dow Jones falls 3,000 points, on track for worst month since 1987
  194. Former Judge Resigns From the Supreme Court Bar
  195. Sen. Sherrod Brown criticizes President Trump over pandemic office closure claim
  196. Armed Vinalhaven residents reportedly blocked driveway with felled tree to force
  197. Easter storms sweep South, killing at least 19 people
  198. Trump’s name being added to stimulus checks, possibly delaying their arrival
  199. Canada: At least 16 people killed in country's deadliest mass shooting
  200. Gov. Andrew Cuomo: New York ‘Very Near the Apex’
  201. Ohio man dies from COVID-19 after criticizing governor’s coronavirus lockdown as ‘mad
  202. Just another death of a man of colour. So what!
  203. Endemic brutality in US police forces
  204. How Justin Trudeau's latest ethics scandal could spell the end of his career
  205. The Slaughter of the Innocents in Chicago Continues
  206. Louisville Black Lives Matter Using 'Mafia Tactics'
  207. Biden Picks Harris as VP
  208. Ilhan Omar connected Ballot Harvester in cash-for-ballots scheme:
  209. 134 felony charges for mail-in voter fraud in Texas
  210. Biden's claim about attending historically Black Delaware State refuted by university
  211. President Trump and his wife Melania test positive for Covid-19
  212. Trump ‘fever-free’ and ‘doing very well’ in COVID-19 battle
  213. Red states are outperforming blue states economically
  214. Rocker Eddie Van Halen Dead at 65
  215. Trump Discussing His Resignation & Possible Pardon
  216. Hunter Biden emails show leveraging connections with his father
  217. Obama conference call leaked to Burisma: Biden emails
  218. Dem Party Exec calling for VIOLENT STREET WAR and #ArmedRevolution
  219. Poor Pandemic Response Could Flip Arizona Blue
  220. Next Debate Will Feature Muted Mics
  221. Judge drops third-degree murder charge against Derek Chauvin
  222. Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner told ‘don’t mention Joe’ in text messag
  223. Hunter’s ex-partner Tony Bobulinski: Joe Biden’s a liar and here’s the proof
  224. Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump Tower is again defaced
  225. Cher releases cringeworthy song about Joe Biden
  226. Biden-Harris Tour Cancels Texas Stops After Pro-Trump Convoy Allegedly Threatens Camp
  227. tRump Fans cannot explain Hunter Scandal
  228. White House in Lockdown
  229. A Judge Just Dethroned California COVID Dictator Gavin Newsom
  230. Huge Hurricane Rages Extending Hurricane Season In Global Warming
  231. AOC Calls Caravan of Trump Supporters 'Pileup of Chumps'
  232. Looks Like The Election Is Leaning Towards Biden
  233. Evidence beginning to emerge of possible ballot stuffing in Michigan
  234. Senate Republican Leaders call for PA Secretary of State's resignation; Wolf responds
  235. Moving Truck Outside of WH?
  236. President Trump Needs To Concede; And Finally Put America First
  237. Separatist Movement is Growing in Canada
  238. Trump Refuses To Come Out Of His Bedroom And Attend White House Christmas Party After
  239. Louisiana Congressman-elect Luke Letlow dies with COVID-19
  240. Wot! No Georgia thread?
  241. Nancy Pelosi Demands Pence Use 25th Amendment, Threatens to Impeach Trump For Incitin
  242. Big Money Corporations Cut Donations To Republicans In Wake Of Capitol Riot
  243. AOC Feared Pro Trump Lawmakers Would Expose Her Location During Riot
  244. Senate Considers Cuban Refugee Mayorkas For Secretary Of Homeland Security
  245. President Biden Moves Quickly To Work With Labor Unions
  246. Biden CFPB Moving Against Payday Loan Sharks
  247. Tiger Woods in surgery with 'multiple leg injuries' after rollover car accident near
  248. Pelosi: Trump Voters Fear
  249. BLM leader buys $1.4 million home in ritzy LA enclave
  250. BLM Co-Founder Buys Multiple Luxurious Homes