Almost 13,700 trans service members are expected to lose their careers as the ban begins to take effect today. If this does pass it will truly be a sad and disgraceful day in history. The person in this article says he will have to pay back loan money. This is shocking to me. What is next will they ask them to pay back all of the wages they were paid while serving? How low to treat a person like this who has put their life on the line to serve our nation. This is truly shameful. That being said I am anti-war, but I am not anti-those who serve. There is a big difference. This is a shameful day.

Trump Just Fired Me Because I Am Trans

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As I sat in my cubicle working last weekend, I couldn't help but wonder if this might be the last weekend I would be wearing my uniform.

Although my exemption paperwork is at the final step in the process to avoid the trans military ban, I don't know if it'll be processed on time. Today, I may go from being a soldier to being fired from my job.

Nearly 13,700 trans service members are expected to lose their careers as the ban begins to take effect today, including the looming possibility of me being one of them. And if I stay and am able to skirt by due to narrow exemptions, some will say "see, there was nothing to worry about."

But if I am discharged, the fallout will be massive.

Iíll be required to pay back almost $100,000 to the United States due to education loans obtained by serving. I will need to find another job on top of being a graduate student, and I might have to push the pause button on my PhD altogether.

And then, itís very likely I will lose the house and life that I have built with my family as the financial burden hits of having my livelihood pulled out from under me.

I will have to keep fighting to stay in uniform and am expected to maintain integrity and professionalism when we, as a class of citizens, are not even wanted by the people we serve. We will only continue to be treated like a lesser class because we live as who we are.

And there are moments lately that I even question: Why do I continue to protect and serve those who do not even want me to exist?