So, the men and women of America's law enforcement have kept up their average of creating yet another situation whereby the population of the USA is reduced by another death of a coloured person in custody.

When Rosa Parks moved to the front of the bus she made history. But not for the ways it is recorded for posterity. She merely created a situation whereby overt racism became covert racism. It didn't change the way whites thought about blacks. They just didn't talk about it so openly. But it was still there then as it's still there now. Except it's no longer called racism; it's now intimidation by black on white.

I don't think that. A number of police forces do, since they believe that normal police activity is the prerogative of the white man whom they protect and serve by demeaning the black man. The only difference this week is the recording of the event. Where similar actions occur and there is no documentary evidence, the events just didn't occur at all.
So, will murder charges be brought against four white officers whom would still be doing today what they were doing yesterday if the video wasn't there to show the world that America hasn't changed much in 70 years, although it's not as if outsiders don't already know that. And if murder charges are filed, why doubt these four former officers care. Their defense teams will not be looking for 12 men with open minds. That doesn't work in America since open minds calls for respect of your fellow human being which doesn't really mean much these days.
Then, of course, there's the matter of the Judge to be considered. Going by the actions in American courts, where Judges aren't appointed on merit but by political association, it's possible that he won't be looking at the law to protect the independence of the judiciary because he is likely to become an enemy of the state if he does.
And on the slim chance the prosecutor actually does the job he's paid to do and obtains convictions, it's quite likely that the coronavirus will have emptied all the prisons to criminals on the promise they observe house arrest.

But, I'm a foreigner, so, obviously confused.