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I'm not sure I understand why Trump would demand a covid-19 waiver from his own supporters, when making applications to attend his rally in Tulsa.

They ARE his supporters. They believe in him. They re-tweet his messages. They deny endemic racism exists. They support the police in their present form. They accept the version of events in Lafayette Square.
Why would Trump even consider that any single one of his followers who trust his every word, would bring an action against him anyway?

The answer is evident to me.
He doesn't trust them.
That's the extent of Trump's loyalty in a nutshell .
I'll tell you why; he know's it's a lousy idea and if people contract covid-19 he feels they may hold him liable and he could end up in court with a number of lawsuits; something he doesn't want to deal with. Now I should say that I did hear that he's decided to postpone the rally although I haven't been able to get confirmation on that.