This is a very interesting article. It talks about a study that was done on different people who had varied diets. They just let the people eat what they normally eat and monitored them over 10 years. It was found that there was a 10% chance of early death for those who consume red meat. It did not matter if a person was healthy or unhealthy in shape or not, smokers or not. I find that to be something we should all take a closer look at. I will link a small part of the article, the rest is at the link.



Increasing the amount of red meat you eat can increase your risk of early death, a study that tracked more than 80,000 people's eating habits found.

Just half a serving per day more of red meat was associated with a 10% increased risk in premature death. Researchers also found that decreasing red meat consumption while also increasing consumption of nuts, fish, poultry, dairy, eggs, whole grains or vegetables was associated with a lower risk of early death, too.

"This long-term study provides further evidence that reducing red meat intake while eating other protein foods or more whole grains and vegetables may reduce risk of premature death," study author Frank Hu of Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health said in a statement.