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Thread: Broadcasters Club - why closed?

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    Along the way I finally became the proud owner of three Sony BVH-3100's with the vacuum threading option, which was finally perfected by Sony.
    What dream machines they were.

    I got trained on the AMPEX ACR-25's first, TCR-100's later. One night a cart got jammed in the ACR and I'm telling you, you do not want to hear a pissed off ACR when it's gotten it into its head that it IS GOING TO LOAD that jammed cart even if it has to destroy itself in the process.
    That ungodly thing was NOT going to take "NO" for an answer - LOL. Let's just say that a friend of mine once remarked that there are noises one never forgets and my face hurts from laughter because that ACR trying to argue with a jammed cart is the one that sticks in my head..from all the way down the hall, too!

    I still have an old AMPEX VPR-6 but I just don't have the mad money set aside to rehabilitate it so it's sitting in the garage.
    If I had a ton of orphan Type C clients I'd definitely get her up and running again. I digitized all my own old Type C stuff eons ago, too.

    VPR-6 on cart.jpg

    Yes, that IS an old Type B reel up there on the supply side, wrong tape - - just for looks.

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    I've heard the Ampex Machines were pretty easy to operate and if maintained, worked like charm.

    I collect radio gear since I operate a part 15 AM/FM station. Most all equipment is analogue but works very well; it's like going back to the early 1970's when you walk in. Below is a picture of our master control room taken about 4 years ago:

    WBXO Control room -MCR.jpg

    The audio console is an RCA BC-7A along with RCA AM Modulation Monitor (the model number escapes me). The other side of the glass is where the talent sits facing the engineer.
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