Flynn could end up with a very light jail sentence if the judge follows the recommendation of Mueller's report.

WASHINGTON (AP) ó President Donald Trumpís former national security adviser provided so much information to the special counselís Russia investigation that prosecutors say he shouldnít do any prison time, according to a court filing Tuesday that describes Michael Flynnís cooperation as ďsubstantial.Ē

The filing by special counsel Robert Mueller provides the first details of Flynnís assistance in the Russia investigation, including that he participated in 19 interviews with prosecutors and cooperated extensively in a separate and undisclosed criminal probe. But the filingís lengthy redactions also underscore how much Mueller has yet to reveal.

It was filed two weeks ahead of Flynnís sentencing and just over a year after he became one of five Trump associates to plead guilty in the Russia probe, in his case admitting to lying to the FBI about conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S.

It just goes to show that if you know you've done wrong and you have an opportunity get a reduced sentence, it's a good idea to cooperate if they offer you a plea deal.