A convicted murderer has reached out to the courts in an effort to forestall his impending execution based on the fact that the pharmacy who has a contract with the state to supply the lethal injection drugs has a checkered past and has been put on probation for dangerous practices.

"Nov. 29 (UPI) -- A Texas death row inmate is seeking a reprieve from the governor after a BuzzFeed report that the state purchased lethal injection drugs from a pharmacy whose license is on probation.

Attorneys for Joseph Garcia, a so-called "Texas 7" escapee set to be executed Tuesday, sent a letter to Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott seeking a 30-day reprieve on the grounds that the state had obtained the drugs it uses to carry out lethal injections from a compounding pharmacy "that regulators have repeatedly cited for dangerous practices" over the past three and a half years.

"The fact that Texas may be relying on a compounding pharmacy for pentobarbital, which is a sterile injectable, subjects our client, Joseph Garcia, to the unreasonable risk of a cruel execution," the attorneys wrote.