Have you ever noticed on some days that people act certain ways en masse?
For example today I was driving somewhere. I got to a 4 way stop and there was this giant dial a ride bus. I stopped way before him, so when it was my turn I started to go. When I started to go he started honking his horn all crazy and he started going even though I was already in the middle of the intersection, he straight up cut me off. Of course at that point I just let the Jerk go. Not without muttering a few curseword's under my breath. I mean what the heck? Maybe he had an emergency or something who knows? But for a supposedly professional driver he was off.

So ok by the time I got to the store, I had already forgotten about the incident. Then when I was done shopping and was going to get in line to pay the lines were really long. I found a good lane not too bad. The lady in front of me only had a few things in her hands... cool. So I was waiting for a while then she sees someone and then waves that person over to cut in front of me. I was like no freakin' way! Seriously? I didn't say anything. It looked like they were shopping together, but they were paying for their own stuff separate. If the friend was still shopping and was lagging behind she should have went to the back of the line. Anyways, it made me think of getting cut off by the dial a ride not long earlier.

So I got cut off twice within an hour. It got me to thinking that sometimes there are just days like this. There are some days when I have gone to the store and everyone seems really friendly and smiles at me. Then there are days where people seem angry and in a hurry en masse. Then you have days where people drive recklessly, it seems like something is in the air.

Not sure if anyone else has noticed that sometimes people act certain ways en masse? I have been noticing it since I was a teenager. It is just weird, it seems like there is something in the air sometimes, Lol. I thought I would share it for fun.